2020 RFP Response Management Benchmarks & Trends Webinar

Curious to find out what top performers do to win more RFPs?

Loopio surveyed 500 people involved in the RFP process—including Proposal Managers, Solutions Engineers, and Sales and Marketing Executives—to create a benchmark report for measuring the success of your RFP management process. 


In this on-demand webinar, our Director of Customer Success, Sara Masson walks through highlights from the report, including: 

  • Benchmarks for RFP win rates, submission timelines, and more
  • The traits top performing RFP teams have in common
  • How to bridge disconnects between executives and proposal managers
  • What technology impacts RFP management for the better
  • An outlook on 2020 response rates, resource investments, and more

2020 RFP Response Management Benchmarks & Trends Webinar

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