A team collaborates on an RFP response submission using Loopio's platform.
A team collaborates on an RFP response submission using Loopio's platform.

Respond To RFPs, DDQs, & Security Questionnaires 35% Faster

Centralize your content—and watch your team’s productivity soar—with Loopio’s RFP software.

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Responding to RFPs Just Got Easier

Loopio’s reimagined platform makes answering RFPs faster, smarter, and dare we say, more enjoyable.

Centralize Knowledge

Create Better Responses With A Curated Content Library  

Build a searchable library of up-to-date knowledge with our intuitive RFP content management system.

nullLoopio's content Library organizing information by topic Stacks and sub-categories.

Organize Your Content Your Way

Store knowledge in a structured RFP answer Library that’s customized to your needs using Stacks, Categories, and Tags.

Find The Right Answers Quickly

Loopio organizes your data into question and answer pairs that make it easy for your team to find what they need quickly.

Keep Your Knowledge Up-to-Date

Automated Freshness Scores and Close Loop answer updates mean you can be confident your content is never outdated.


Key RFP Response Software Features


Multi-Language Library

Organize and search your Library Entries in multiple languages. 


Customized Categories

Curate your data intelligently with Stacks, Tags and more. 


Library Users

Let your whole sales team view your content Library.


Freshness Score

Easily see when your content was last reviewed or updated.


Duplicate Detection

Keep your Library clean and uncluttered automatically. 


Attachment Library

Store and update commonly used images and documents.

“Loopio allowed us to populate a single database with information to quickly and more accurately complete RFPs and security response forms.”
Terry Lydon, VP, Professional Services, Pre-Sales, and Product, SAP Litmos

Respond Faster

Save Time With Intelligent Automation

Finish RFPs, RFIs, DDQs, and Security Questionnaires faster with our suite of smart response automation tools. 

nullnull Loopio's Magic response automation tool  pulling in answers to an RFP or questionnaire.

Start Your Projects Faster

Intelligent import and question auto-detection help you kickstart responses faster—no copying and pasting required.

Automate Responses (Like Magic)

Stop answering the same questions over and over again. Let our Magic RFP automation tool respond to FAQs in one click.

Perfect Formatting—Every Time 

When you're finished with your responses, export them back into the original document or a custom branded template.


Key RFP Automation Software Features


Intelligent Import 

Get started quickly with our easy data uploading process.


Magic Response Automation

See automated answer suggestions for frequently asked questions.


Close Loop

Detect and create new answers from recent RFP submissions.


Customized Branding

Create responses that match your branding when you export them.


Dynamic Project Templates

Deploy customized sales proposals and documents on the fly.


Easy Export 

Download finished Projects back into their original file. 

“Loopio has given us the ability to capture institutional knowledge that was historically dispersed throughout other systems. We're seeing about 17% of each project completed through automation.”
Morey Jones, Manager, Salesforce & CPQ, SmartRecruiters

Collaborate Seamlessly

Complete Responses More Efficiently As A Team

Turn answering questionnaires from a manual chore into a streamlined, transparent process with Loopio’s RFP project management workspace.

nullMultiple contributors comment on an RFP Project in Loopio's response management platform.

Track Your Progress Clearly

Build Projects, assign questions, leave comments, and set deadlines so your team knows what needs to be done next.

Assign User Roles & Permissions 

Get the right people answering questions, updating entries, or accessing information so you can move faster together.

Gain Insights Into Your Process 

See which content is being used the most by your team so you know where to focus your content review efforts.


Key RFP Management Software Features


Project Tracking

Set milestones and approvals to keep responses on track.  

slack logo

Slack Integration

Get notifications and updates on your assigned work.


Comments & Notifications

Notify team members when you need their help.


Detailed Change Logs

Prevent version control issues and track updates. 


Review Cycles

Ensure content owners don’t forget to update vital data.


Insightful Reporting 

See how and where data is being used by your team. 

“Instead of scrambling around to complete RFPs the day before the deadline we are able to finish them days early."
John R. , SVP, Worldwide Sales, Trillium Software (Syncsort) via Capterra

Integrate Intelligently

Connect Loopio To Your Key Business Applications

Integrate Loopio with the tools you already use—like your CRM, web browser, or Google account—to make completing responses simpler for your team.

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