Sales Proposal Software

Create Tailored Sales Proposals

Working to bring in new business for your company means that you have a lot on the go.  Building Sales Proposals is only a part of it, but it often takes up too much time.

With Loopio, putting together a comprehensive Sales Proposal is swift and easy. All you need is a streamlined, repeatable process with a bit of Loopio’s ‘Magic’!

Automate Your Proposal Development

Make the process of building Sales Proposals run like a well-oiled machine with Loopio. Create a framework that can be used to quickly build proactive proposals again and again.

Using the structure you’ve set up as the base for each proposal, pull the content you need from your centralized Loopio library. Run magic, Loopio’s intelligent workflow, to auto-populate the standard sections of your proposal with the most up-to-date content.

Create Beautifully Branded and Tailored Proposals

Knock the socks off your client with a polished-looking, tailored Sales Proposal. Use your existing proposal content from the Loopio Library as a starting point and customize it for a specific client.

Keep your documents on brand with Loopio. Give all the proposals you create in the platform a visually appealing and consistent look and feel with Loopio's global style editor and customizable branded export templates.
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