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Content Management


Organize your Content

Manage and segment your library of RFP and Security Questionnaire content with a customizable structure made up of multiple mini-libraries, categories, and tags.

Keep your Content Fresh

Review your content on a regular basis and remove unnecessary duplicates with automated workflows. With audit trails, you’ll know exactly who updated each piece of content and when.

Ensure Content Doesn’t go to Waste

Close the loop on projects by feeding newly created or updated content back into your library so it can be used for future responses.

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Team Collaboration

Loop In your Team

Leverage insights from across your organization by assigning out questions to your team and Subject Matter Experts. They’ll receive automated notifications when any tasks and comments are assigned to them.

Stay in the Loop

Stay on top of your project and assigned tasks using Loopio’s dashboards and progress bars. This way, you’ll always have a birds-eye-view of your project and you’ll never miss a deadline.

Response Automation

Find answers quickly

Find Answers Quickly

Quickly access and pull answers from your library into your projects using Loopio’s in-project search. You can also supercharge your response process using Magic to auto-populate answers if a match already exists in your library.
Import / Export to PDF, Word, Excell

Intelligent Imports and Exports

Save time by transforming your RFP or Security Questionnaire in PDF, Word, or Excel format into a Loopio project within minutes using Loopio’s intelligent import workflow. Once you’re done, you can export your response back into the original source document.
Customize your styles and formatting

Customizable Content Styles and Templates

Don’t waste time merging answers in different formats. Set branding elements globally with content styles and customizable templates so you and your team can produce a beautiful and brand-consistent response every time.
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Five Tips For Managing Your Content

Best Practices from Sarah Sinclar, RFP Manager at Businessolver

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The Loopio Experience

Our award-winning Customer Success team will help onboard your team and enable you to make the most out of the Loopio Platform. They’ll work closely with you to set up goals, share insights and best practices, and track your success. With our Customer Success team, you’ll be in good hands!
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