Respond to RFPs, Security Questionnaires, and Create Sales Proposals

Requests for Proposals & Requests for Information
(RFPs & RFIs)

Save time by streamlining your entire RFP and RFI response process. Whether it’s a Request for Proposal (RFP) containing a few questions or hundreds of questions, you can seamlessly import requirements, search and use relevant content from your library, and assign out questions to Subject Matter Experts. Once you’re done, you can export your final response out of Loopio and feed any newly created or updated information back into your library for future use.
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“Loopio has made it easier to find answers to questions in RFPs and has allowed us to truly collaborate on RFP projects."
Jennifer Armstrong | PowerSchool
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Security and Compliance Questionnaires

Streamline your response process and save time on answering lengthy and complex Security and Compliance Questionnaires. With Loopio’s centralized content library, intelligent automation features, and seamless collaboration workflows, you and your SMEs will free up time to focus on other value-added activities that matter to your organization.
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“We've struggled for years managing RFPs and Information Security Questionnaires and Loopio has given us an easy-to-use interface and database that helps us manage the process end to end.”
Matt Glynn | Brightcove
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Sales Proposals

Accelerate the creation of customized Sales Proposals. With Loopio, Sales teams can search, reuse, and customize content so each proposal is tailored to their prospect’s needs. Best of all, with the ability to set up custom branded templates, Marketing teams can rest assured that every proposal is brand-compliant.
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“[Loopio] allows you to create very customized proposals much faster and easier than before, which is important for us because we position our proposals to many different kinds of markets and use cases and we need to be able to customize at the paragraph and sentence level.”
Trevor Evans | Qualtrics
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