Security and Compliance Questionnaires

Streamline Your Response Process For Security Assessments

Whether you’re responding to standardized or custom Security Assessments, Loopio can help you speed up and simplify the process.
The two main ingredients to quicker responses and happier Subject Matter Experts are an easily accessible content Library and a smooth collaboration workflow. Since a lot of the questions you’re seeing tend to be repetitive from one Security Questionnaire to the next, you’re going to love Loopio’s auto-population engine, magic!
”Something that would have taken us hours or days to pore over is now automated. We don’t have to worry about it anymore. In a standard RFP, 50-80% of the questions are now auto-filled with Magic. In risk assessments or security questionnaires which follow industry standards, it’s closer to 90%!”
Tanner Volz
Technical Content Manager, iovation

Aggregate Your Security Content

Make life easier for your Security and IT teams. Gather your Security content in the Loopio library to make it readily available for the next Security Questionnaire and free up your SMEs from answering the same questions over and over again.

With only one library of content to maintain (as opposed to scouring through past documents), you can ensure the accuracy of your responses by assigning periodic reviews to your SMEs. Plus, don’t let good content slip through your fingers. Selectively feed new or updated information from a finished project into your Loopio library using the close loop workflow.

Make Collaboration Simple

Don't let monstrous Security Questionnaires keep you and your SMEs up at night. Get the commonly-asked questions out of the way in seconds. Run magic, Loopio’s proprietary automation engine, to auto-populate as many answers from your library as possible before reaching out to your SMEs for input.  

Assign any remaining questions to your SMEs and have them respond directly within the Loopio Platform. If anyone is late on a response, just give them a friendly ‘nudge.’
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