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Accelerate Responses to RFPs and RFIs

Become an RFP Ninja and discover how quick and easy RFP responses can be!
The Loopio Platform helps to streamline your entire response process, from searching for information and attachments to automating your responses and collaborating with your team and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).
”Loopio has dramatically increased the efficiency of the teams. Working together, using the Library, and not encountering issues with version control — it saves us a TON of time.”
Rob Wunder
RFP Team Lead, Merge, an IBM Company

Centralize Your Content

Always have the information you need at your fingertips. With Loopio, you can aggregate and organize your best content under one roof so you never have to search through multiple sources or reinvent the wheel with every response.

Best of all, taking care of your content is also simpler. You can enable your team to always keep your content up-to-date with powerful workflows that let you kick off reviews when you need them or proactively schedule them ahead of time.

Save your content from being lost forever by leveraging Loopio’s Close Loop workflow to selectively refresh your library once you’ve completed a project. Capture any new or updated information and make it readily available for the next time you need it.

Collaborate with Your Team

Assemble your dream team of experts from across your organization and collaborate with ease. Assign out tasks and have multiple people provide their best insights, all within the Loopio Platform.  

To keep your project at full steam, track your team’s progress anytime using your dashboard and nudge them when they’re running late.

Automate Your Process

Experience the ‘Magic’ of automation. With Loopio’s magic feature, you can auto-populate answers to questions you’ve answered in the past so that you can get back to your clients quickly.

Take automation one step further and let Loopio take care of the formatting for you. Set up consistent branding across all of your teams with content styles and custom templates to make formatting each response hassle-free.
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