Loopio RFP Response Software ROI Report

A customer research analysis on the value of implementing Loopio

In Q2 2017, we conducted a customer research survey with the intent of gathering quantitative and qualitative data on the benefits and Return on Investment (ROI) that customers have experienced since implementing Loopio to streamline their responses to RFPs, RFIs, and Security Questionnaires.

After completing a detailed analysis of 126 survey responses, we found that customers have been able to save 29% of their time on RFP responses and tackle 28% more RFPs as a result of the efficiencies gained with Loopio’s RFP response software.
Download the full report to get insights on:

- Our survey approach
- The Return of Investment (ROI) that our customers have seen
- How customers are leveraging Loopio beyond RFP responses
- How to develop your own business case for RFP response software