See how IBM Watson Health Imaging Scaled their RFP Response Process

Rob Wunder, RFP Team Lead at IBM Watson Health Imaging (formerly known as Merge Healthcare), was an intricate part in building and scaling the RFP and Security Questionnaire response process and its transition through Merge Healthcare’s acquisition by IBM. In this webinar, Rob walks us through how he introduced new processes into the RFP response process, managed internal resistance across various teams, and eventually found success through internal endorsements. Rob provides insight into the following practices:

  • Building a content library
  • Introducing Loopio for content management and collaboration
  • Change management when introducing new processes
  • Alignment with Subject Matter Experts
“Before Loopio, we had a geographically diverse workforce, and were trying to compile many different responses from people across the world sent in either word documents or excel spreadsheets onto a single master document, keep it formatted and organized and get it out to the client. It was a very labor intensive and time-consuming process…Once Loopio came along we were able to focus more on the other aspects of our process, which enabled us to get to the point we are at today.”

Rob Wunder | RFP Team Lead | IBM Watson Health Imaging

See how IBM Watson Health Imaging Scaled their RFP Response Process

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