Meet The New and Improved Loopio

Respond Faster.
Collaborate Better.
Win More.

Loopio has been thoughtfully reimagined to streamline how your team responds to RFPs. Our redesigned platform enables everyone involved in the response process, from proposal owners to occasional contributors, to complete RFPs faster than ever before. 

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Welcome to the Future of Responding to RFPs

Loopio has reimagined how teams complete RFP responses, making it EVEN easier. Introducing the totally redesigned project workspace.

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Thoughtfully Reimagined From The Ground Up

The new Project Workspace has been designed to make everything you do easier and faster. With the right actions intelligently surfaced at the right moments, it’s easier to collaborate on projects and craft the best possible response.

"We scrutinized every single click to streamline the response process."

Martha Malloy, Loopio’s Director of Product Design, explains how we approached rethinking the Loopio platform. (Hint: it took a lot of conversations with our users...and coffee.)

“I LOVE the new project space. It’s so flexible, and has so many great new features. I can work at light speed.”
Kathryn Bennett, RFP Technical Writer, Dude Solutions

3 New Ways To Work More Efficiently

With three powerful new ways of working, every Loopio user can save even more time in the platform, whether they respond to lots of RFPs or are occasional contributors.

Screenshot of Project View in the Loopio Platform

Project View

This is a flexible overview that lets you manage everything in a response Project, from responding to questions to exporting a finished proposal—all from one place.

Screenshot of Focus View, which allows users to respond without distractions in the Loopio Platform

Focus View

Put your head down and complete RFP questions in the distraction-free Focus View. It’s perfect for Subject Matter Experts who want to get their work done quickly.

Screenshot of Source View, which gives you the power to manage your response right from the source Word document itself in the Loopio Platform

Source View

Build your response inside a traditional word processor or spreadsheet interface—but with all of Loopio’s powerful functionality at your fingertips—in Source View.

The Best Content At Your Fingertips—Like Magic

Our updated Library is about more than just looks. Yes, it’s now easier to find the Entry you need with fewer clicks. But we’ve also improved our answer auto-fill tool, Magic, so it’ll search multiple Stacks and find the right answers faster. Plus, new automated content suggestions in the Project Workspace let your team work smarter, not harder.

The Best Content At Your Fingertips

Intuitive Design Meets Insightful Dashboards

With the redesigned Project Dashboard, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of the progress of your response. See how much progress each team member has made on their questions and prioritize your most important tasks accordingly.

Loopio Project Dashboard