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Our highly-rated customer success team is with you from day one to help onboard your team and set you up for success. Whether it's goal setting, information on best practices, or a strategy session, they’re always here to help you make the most of your Loopio experience.


With our hands-on approach to customer success, we take the time to understand your goals and get aligned on what success means to your organization.


We’re here to help your team stay motivated by mapping out your milestones, celebrating wins, and showing your team how to unlock the true potential of Loopio.


By analyzing usage patterns, we help you understand how your team is using the Loopio Platform and provide guidance on how to maximize your investment in Loopio.

Three-fold increase
in productivity

“Onboarding any new process into an organisation will always require a certain level of investment in initialization and change management, and the Loopio customer success team really helped us stay motivated to chalk-up quick wins early on and set a good foundation.”
Sacha Trube
Sales Engineer, Avoka Technologies

incredible support

“Incredible timely, helpful and customer-focused. Support is thorough and helps see an issue through to resolution. Both the Customer Relationship Manager and Support Team are keen on listening to needs and offering consideration for future enhancements.”
Linda White
Risk Service Assurance Lead, Thomson Reuters
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