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Netskope Scales RFP and Security Questionnaire Response Process with Loopio

Industry: Software (Cloud Security)

Netskope is a leader in cloud security. Using patented technology, Netskope’s cloud-scale security platform provides context-aware governance of all cloud usage in the enterprise in real time, whether accessed from the corporate network, remote, or from a mobile device.

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  • Pre-populating up to 90% of RFP Responses
  • Responding to over 100 RFPs a year
  • Completing RFP Responses 10x faster
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RFP and Security Questionnaire response process before Loopio

Netskope’s main challenges were: 

• Limited resources
• Difficulty enforcing ownership
• Difficulty tracking progress
• Inefficient and unscalable response process 

Netskope was one of the first Cloud Access Security Broker providers – that industry only came to exist about five years ago. As the industry began to develop, Netskope started to experience tremendous growth. That meant an increase in RFPs and Security Questionnaires – they went from two RFPs to 17 within one year. 

Their response process involved copying and pasting requirements into Google Docs and then sharing them with contributors. For RFPs, the entire Sales Engineering (SE) team as well as members of the Engineering, QA, and Executive teams had to become involved in responding. They often had to recreate answers, and a submission usually took between a week to a week and a half to complete.

The Security Questionnaire response process had its own challenges. For almost every RFP Netskope receives, they go through a Vendor Risk Assessment. Due to the technical nature of the questions asked in these Security Questionnaires, only a small group of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) could answer them. To help get the responses out the door on time, all these experts had to jump in and contribute.

Why Netskope chose Loopio's RFP software

Mario Puras, VP of Sales Engineering at Netskope, wanted to find a solution that was scalable and that would allow Netskope to efficiently capture and reuse RFP and Security Questionnaire responses.

Loopio was a perfect fit for Mario’s team. It offered a centralized library for their RFP and Security content and a way to streamline collaboration between the SE team and other SMEs at Netskope. Mario was also impressed with how quickly they were able to ‘get up and running.’

Mario Puras
“We are now given time back to focus on what SEs should be doing, and that’s to be in front of the customers."
Mario Puras, VP of Sales Engineering, Netskope

Streamlining RFP response process

With Loopio, Netskope is: 
• Saving time 
• Keeping their messaging consistent

Matthew Bianco, Senior Sales Engineer at Netskope, leverages content from the Loopio Library to complete up to 90% of each project and easily assigns out the remaining 10% to SMEs across the organization. He says, “Sometimes I can turn these around in half a day.” 

“Loopio allows us to get more business,” says Matthew. Before RFPs were time-consuming and Netskope had to be selective in which opportunities they pursued. Now they respond to more RFPs, faster. In the first half of this year, they’ve already responded to more than 50 RFPs.

Netskope is also leveraging Loopio to deliver consistent and accurate responses to their customers.

Matthew Bianco
“We’ve gotten so many compliments from customers saying, ‘You, by far, have the most comprehensive responses of anybody.’ Because we have the Loopio Library, our answers are thorough, well-thought-out, and up-to-date. That’s a big deal.”
Matthew Bianco, Senior Sales Engineer, Netskope

Scaling Security Questionnaire response process 

With Loopio, Netskope has been able to more than double their response output. They went from responding to approximately three Security Questionnaires a month to eight, while also minimizing resources – most responses involve only two people! 

After receiving a Security Questionnaire, the SE uploads it into a Loopio Project and answers as many questions as possible using Loopio’s intelligent workflow, Magic. The SE then assigns the remaining questions to Forrest McMahon, Netskope’s Director of Information Security, for completion.

Forrest McMahon
“Loopio has greatly enhanced our ability to respond to Security Questionnaires and has provided great value in terms of efficiency and decreasing the effort of having to create answers over and over again.”
Forrest McMahon, Director of Information Security, Netskope

Beyond RFPs and Security Questionnaires — Managing Content for POC Test Plans with Loopio

As a market leader in a fairly new industry, Netskope has made prospect education an integral part of their sales process, and Proof of Concept (POC) test plans are a great way to show the possibilities of Netskope’s solution. 

Before Loopio, the content for test plans lived in several different places and “it was ‘every man for himself’ in trying to figure out how to put together a comprehensive test plan,” says Matthew. 

To make the process easier and more scalable, Netskope decided to leverage Loopio’s library structure to store content that’s used to generate test plans. Each member of the SE team selected three best test cases that differentiated Netskope from their competition. They saved these test cases as Projects in Loopio. 

Now Mario’s team can be more structured in how they help customers evaluate their solution and can get quicker technical closure within their accounts.

Mario Puras
“With a platform like Loopio, it’s easy for us to position ourselves to quickly differentiate our solution.”
Mario Puras, VP of Sales Engineering, Netskope
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