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Top 7 Sales Sessions to Attend at Dreamforce 2018


Salesforce’s annual conference, Dreamforce, is taking place September 25-28, 2018, and it is going to be BIG! The event has grown from 1300 attendees at its first conference in 2003 to 171,000 registered attendees in 2017. 3200 sessions were held last year, and this year the number has been reduced to a casual 2700 sessions. That’s A LOT of content to sift through and select from. So, to make it easier for you to choose, we reviewed all of the sessions and handpicked some recommendations.

Session: Four Expert Tips for Building a High Performing Sales Team

Get the secrets to building a sales team that performs well as it scales. Learn the roles you need, what to look for when hiring, and important metrics to look at to maximize growth.

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Session: 3 Tips to Fuel Sales Productivity and Boost Win Rates

Learn three tips to streamline repetitive tasks and get hours back in your day. This session covers automated data entry, communication with clients and prospects, and the best types of reports to be running.

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Session: Grow Revenue with 3 Proven Pipeline Management Strategies

Learn how cutting-edge sales teams are managing pipeline, not only to forecast but also to grow revenue by 28%. Three best practices to build a healthy pipeline that grows revenue.

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Session: High-Velocity Sales: The Future of Inside Sales

Inside sales is growing 15X faster than traditional outside sales. Join this session to learn about successful inside sales strategies. It could be the fastest, most effective sales strategy for growth in your business.

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Session: How to Build a Customer-Centric Culture

Businesses are transforming, and putting their customer at the center of their operations. Building a customer-centric organization requires changes in mindsets, norms, and behaviors. Attend this session to learn the key cultural characteristics of customer-centric organizations and how apply them to your organization.

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Session: Mastering Your Secret Sauce: Empowering Leaders to Advance Sales Performance

What you sell is a much easier question to answer than how you sell it. How you sell is your unique strategy for outperforming your competitors. Learn how to master your unique selling strategy and optimize your sales performance at this session.

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Session: State of Sales: AI & Humans – The Best of Both Worlds

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is both highly anticipated and highly feared. Experience shows companies are finding success in leveraging AI to support their sales teams. AI allows reps to focus on the activities where a human approach is most needed. As a manager, you should have a solid understanding of how AI is being applied to sales challenges.

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Meet the Loopio team at Dreamforce

We’ll be exhibiting at Dreamforce and we’d love to meet you there! Come check out our booth #1831 and say hello to our team.

See you at Dreamforce! Booth 1831, September 25-28, San Francisco

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