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Infographic: Beware the RFP Content Graveyard!


Without effective RFP content management practices your content can end up in a place nobody dares to visit. The content graveyard is a place long forgotten, where never reviewed or updated content lays to rest...for good. The truth is, the RFP content graveyard is a fairly easy place to avoid. Following these practices will set you up for success so you can focus on maintaining content rather than endlessly searching for it:

Be sure to add new information either from new RFP responses, or other content sent through email and other forms of communication back into your content storage space. Don't forget to set up review cycles to ensure the content you're keeping is accurate, and appoint a person, or team, to maintain consistency in these practices.

With these simple tips, you'll keep your content fresh, up to date, and easier to find, so nobody has to roam through the graveyard alone!

Content Graveyard Infographic

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