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Loopio Helps Watson Health Imaging Tackle Their RFPs Globally


Watson Health Imaging is a leading provider of innovative enterprise imaging, interoperability, and clinical systems that seek to advance healthcare. Watson Health Imaging is helping to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and enhance the quality of healthcare worldwide.

Success Snapshot

Managing libraries for 9 product lines, Collaborating across 7 offices,  responding to 50+ RFPs per year, Completing RFPs with 1000+ questions.


Before Loopio, Watson Health Imaging was using a different “master document” for each RFP. One person would answer what they could, then email out the remaining questions — often with multiple people responding.

With a large volume of RFPs to respond to, this manual process inevitably led to an increased workload and longer response times. Rob Wunder, Watson Health Imaging RFP Team Lead, made it clear he would never want to return to their old process.

"I don’t want to go back to those days — it was a nightmare."
Rob Wunder | RFP Team Lead | Watson Health Imaging

To streamline their process, Watson Health Imaging began the search for a solution that would help them scale. John Rodriquez, VP of Pre-Sales Consulting, wanted a solution that was accessible anywhere, on any device, allowed everyone to work simultaneously, and provided visibility across the team. They ultimately chose Loopio to help them with their RFP process.

Today, Watson Health Imaging has adopted Loopio globally. Teams across 7 offices use Loopio to collaborate on RFPs for 9 product lines offered by Watson Health Imaging. They’re responding to over 50 massive RFPs per year, with some having more than 1,000 questions.

"Loopio has dramatically increased the efficiency of the teams. Working together, using the Library, and not encountering issues with version control — it saves us a TON of time."
Rob Wunder | RFP Team Lead | Watson Health Imaging

Rob loves that Loopio has made collaboration across a geographically diverse team easy. With clear visibility and ownership for all deliverables, plus an easy to search Library, the Watson Health Imaging team counts on Loopio to get their RFPs completed on time.

Download the full version of this case study to learn more about Watson Health Imaging's success with Loopio. 
Link to download full case study: Watson Health Imaging Tackles Their RFPs Globally

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