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How We Use Loopio To Respond To Security Questionnaires


The really neat thing about working at Loopio is that we have a unique opportunity to walk in our customers’ shoes every day.  As a company that makes software to simplify the process of responding to Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Security Questionnaires, we’re used to being on the receiving end of these requests.

To make our response process easier, we use Loopio - after all, that is what Loopio was designed for! In this blog post, I’ll give you a sneak peek into how we use Loopio internally to respond to Security Questionnaires.

Our Previous Challenge of Responding to Security Questionnaires

Our CTO, Matt York, is very familiar with the complexity of Security Questionnaires and being Loopio’s resident expert on security, we tend to lean on him quite heavily.

Each month, we receive four to five Security Questionnaires. The biggest challenge Matt and his team face is finding the time to keep up with these requests while balancing the priorities of Product Development. He also has to deal with the unpredictable nature of each questionnaire; each one varies in format and ranges in length from 20 to over 500 questions! While an important part of the sales process, these questionnaires pull Matt and his team away from their highest priority - building an amazing product.

Using Loopio to Respond to Security Questionnaires

To streamline our process and free up valuable time for Matt and his team, we’ve created an extensive repository of knowledge using our Loopio Library. The library contains all of our responses to these questionnaires. This eliminates the need to recreate answers every time and allows anyone to easily find the content that they need (this is especially helpful with the overlap in questions from one request to the next).

Matt and his team also keep our security content up-to-date with regularly scheduled Review Cycles, making sure that we’re only using the latest and greatest responses. Like many of our customers, we’ve come to rely on the Loopio Platform as our ‘single source of truth’ for security information. Now, the entire Sales team has the power to take on a Security Questionnaire if a request falls into their lap.

When we receive a Security Questionnaire, our first call of duty is to import the questions into Loopio, create a project, and invite other team members. We then run a search using Magic, Loopio’s intelligent workflow, to auto-populate answers with relevant content from our Loopio Library. This alone reduces the time it takes us to complete a response. When in doubt or completely stumped, we collaborate with Matt’s team through Loopio’s Project space.

To ensure that new content is captured and to avoid Matt having to re-answer questions, we Close Loop on each project, feeding relevant updated or new information back into our library for future use.

The Results

By creating a process and structure around our library and response process, we’ve made significant strides. In Matt’s own words, “By using Loopio, we’re now able to respond to Security Questionnaires in a quarter of the time that it used to take us, and it keeps getting better.”

Matt sitting at computer in Loopio office giving thumbs up

Every so often, Matt erupts with joy when his team is only assigned 5-10 questions from a lengthy project. Although Matt might be slightly biased, I would say our CTO is pretty happy with Loopio, the product that he continues to help shape and evolve!

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