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What We Loved and What We Learned at Loopicon


Our first-ever customer conference, Loopicon, brought over 150 RFP, Security, Marketing, and Sales professionals together in Toronto to foster connections and learn from one another.

The sheer diversity in roles and industries made networking at Loopicon a truly remarkable experience. Not only were attendees able to meet people in similar roles, but they also gained exposure to a range of other professionals sharing the same values and challenges. Industries from insurance and financial services, software and telecom, to education and healthcare were all present. Company sizes from 50+ employees to 10000+, and roles like Bid Managers, VPs of Sales, Sales Engineers, Directors of Compliance, Security Analysts, Directors of Technology all attended Loopicon with a common desire to make time for what matters.

If you missed it, or could only catch one of the two days- we’ve captured some highlights and key-takeaways here for you.  

Meeting Our Customers

Working across borders can make meeting face to face rare. Loopicon was an opportunity for the Loopio team to meet many of our customers in person for the first time! Our Senior Leadership team had a great time chatting and getting to know our customers better as well.

If you missed it, our CEO Zak Hemraj, had a special message for all of our customers:

Thought-provoking Keynotes

On day 1, Mark Roberge, Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School and Founding CRO at Hubspot, opened the conference with a thought-provoking presentation on crafting RFP responses for the digitally-empowered modern buyer. A modern sales team builds their process around supporting the buyer, and the RFP response should be crafted with the same approach. The first step in the RFP response process is not responding, but understanding where the buyer is in the buyer journey. RFP responses should be tailored to the buyer through a deep understanding of the “why” behind each element of the RFP. In Mark's words, “Reframe the RFP to be aligned with your unique value proposition or walk away”.

On day 2, Elay Cohen, Co-Founder of Saleshood, led a discussion on sales enablement that matters. Enablement, Elay believes, is a company-wide initiative, and it is important to realize that if you are part of the RFP of Security Questionnaire response process at your company, you are already doing sales enablement whether you realize it or not.

tweet by elay cohen

Elay also discussed the core competencies of sales enablement and how to nurture a coaching and learning culture within your team. He left behind a process map on Twitter for anyone interested in exploring the concept further.

Compelling Panels

“The Flip Side: Understanding the Procurement Perspective”

Left to right: Moderator, Jafar Owainati, Sanja Cancar-Todorovic, Omar Salaymeh, Juli Smyth

This was a highly engaging panel featuring some strong players in the procurement space. Some insights from this panel included:

“Building Teams and Processes for Scale”

Left to right: Moderator, Sara Masson, Deena Rini, Eric Filowitz, Adam McHenry, Szilvia Kovacs

This panel was interactive and involved the use of to poll the audience and discuss the results with our panelists. Key insights from this panel included:

Interactive Sessions

Loopicon was packed with interactive sessions from a range of topics centered around the main challenges the audience faced: content management, collaboration, response process alignment and more. Here are some session highlights:

Winning Business: What You’re Not Doing Makes All the Difference

Why Security Questionnaires Should Be a Part of Your Sales Strategy

Building a Culture of Collaboration

Keeping Track of Key Metrics in Your Response Process

Tips and Tactics to Maximize Efficiency when Responding to RFPs

Land & Expand Loopio into Multiple Use Cases

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