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How iovation Created Sanity Out Of Chaos With Loopio


iovation is a provider of hosted fraud prevention and authentication solutions based in sunny Portland, Oregon.

Success Snapshot

Completing RFPs in 1/2 the time, Pre-populating up to 90% of risk assessments, Pre-populating up to 80% of RFP responses.


When Tanner Volz, Technical Content Manager, first started at iovation, their process for responding to RFPs and Security Questionnaires was not designed to keep up with the rapidly increasing volume of new opportunities.

Much of the process relied on volleying questions back and forth over email, and then manually merging everything back together.

This approach couldn’t scale, so iovation began the search for RFP Response Software to simplify their process.

"I looked at other solutions that were older and more complex. I was immediately turned off by that. I liked that Loopio was simple. It was focused on solving one problem and doing it well."
Tanner Volz | Technical Content Manager | iovation

Today, iovation is using Loopio to track and automate their responses to every RFP, Risk Assessment, and Security Questionnaire that comes their way, and their success has been tremendous. They are now able to respond to RFPs in ½ the time, and pre-populate 90% of Risk Assessments and 80% of RFP Responses by leveraging content from their Loopio Library.

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