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Loopio Helps Healthx Respond To More RFPs Faster


Healthx is a leading digital engagement platform for connecting payers, providers, consumers, employers, and brokers within the healthcare industry. Founded in 1998, Healthx leverages its industry knowledge, influence, and relationships to deliver customized solutions to payers that are looking for a differentiator in the healthcare space.

Success Snapshot

Responding to 3x more RFPs, Cutting RFP response time by 60% and Freeing up 7 hours per month for CRO.


Before Loopio, Healthx didn’t have a process for responding to RFPs. Every RFP submission was a “stand-alone project” and involved a significant resource commitment. Healthx’s CRO, Chuck Rolfsen, spent 7+ hours a month recreating content for each submission.

Doug Wilcox, Director of Marketing and Sales Development, decided to find a solution that would help free up Chuck’s time and enable Healthx to respond to a larger volume of RFPs. “[The decision to choose Loopio] was a no-brainer,” according to Doug. Stacey Way, Marketing Operations Manager, loved Loopio because of its easy-to-learn and intuitive interface.

With Loopio, Doug and Stacey were able to establish an efficient process for responding to RFPs and keep all documents and attachments in a centralized, accessible location. Now, there’s no need to hunt down RFP documents and assign out questions to Subject Matter Experts over email.

"Now it’s a process. Before it was an emergency."
Doug Wilcox | Marketing and Sales Development Director | Healthx

Prior to Loopio, Healthx responded to an average of 7 RFPs a year and each submission took approximately 10 hours. With Loopio, they’ve cut down the response time for each RFP by 60%, allowing them to triple the annual volume of RFPs to over 25.

"Loopio has enabled us to complete more RFPs faster and easier than ever before."
Stacey Way | Marketing Operations Manager | Healthx

Since Healthx now manages its resources more efficiently, the team can be more strategic in their decision process of going after new opportunities. They no longer have to turn down RFPs because of limited resources.

Download the full case study to learn more about Healthx’s success with Loopio. 
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