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Eating Our Own Dog Food


‘Eat your own dog food’ or ‘Dogfooding’

A colloquialism that describes a company using its own products or services for its internal operations.1  There appear to be several origins of this term, and some believe that it started in the 80’s at Microsoft.  Another origin story (our favorite) alludes to the president of Kal Kan Pet Food eating a can of dog food at their shareholders’ meetings to highlight just how good it is. 2

At Loopio, we’re big believers of eating our own dog food. Except in our case, we don’t make dog food, we make software. The way we dog food our platform is by using our software in the same way that our customers do – to manage our company knowledge and to respond to RFPs and Security Questionnaires. We receive several RFPs and Security Questionnaires each month and using our software gives us the ability to streamline our response process, save time, and respond more accurately to incoming requests.

Another great thing is that it gives us the opportunity to walk in our customers’ shoes, thus sparking ideas for innovation and improvement. It also serves as a quick gut-check to ensure that our platform is working as it should.

We dog food our platform on a rotating schedule to give everyone an opportunity to dive into the application, regardless of their role. Our Sales, Marketing, Product, Customer Success, and Development teams all get to roll up their sleeves, see the product through their own lens, and document their experiences. With all hands on deck, our culture of dogfooding has helped us:

"As a software developer, acquiring domain knowledge is key to building a better product. Responding to RFPs using our own platform has given me the opportunity to experience first-hand what our customers do day-to-day and see how our software helps them solve their pains. The insights I’ve gained along the way help me make the Loopio platform better everyday."
Alex Lecca | Software Architect | Loopio

As a fast moving software company that receives several RFPs and Security Questionnaires each month, using Loopio has been a tremendous time saver for us. It has allowed us to respond to client requests quickly and efficiently, without wasting valuable time. More importantly, it has allowed everyone to get on the same page and prioritize what matters the most – providing an amazing product that our customers love! It appears that we’re well on our way to doing just that. See for yourself what our customers think of the Loopio platform.


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