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Businessolver Crafts Custom RFP Responses with Loopio's RFP Software


Businessolver is a benefits technology company combining a configurable Saas platform with a high-touch service model. They understand and share the compassion, empathy, and strategic desires of HR leaders.

Success Snapshot

Streamlined 75 reference documents, Made time for tailored responses, Eliminated copy-paste errors, Responding to 100+ RFPs per year.

The Challenges of Manually Responding to RFPs

Before Loopio, Businessolver’s team of three RFP writers (Sarah, Erica, and Emily) manually managed their knowledge repository with 75 Word documents. This led to:

Jon Shanahan, CEO, advised the RFP Team to find a software partner that was agile and rapidly evolving, just like them — someone innovative, who’d listen to feedback. After talking to Loopio, the team knew they’d found the right partner.

Streamlining the RFP Response Process with Loopio

With Loopio, the Businessolver team has streamlined those 75 reference documents, made time for tailored responses, eliminated copy-paste errors, and is now able to respond to 100+ RFPs per year.

The RFP team is finally confident in their content. With a consistent and accessible content base, the team can focus on crafting tailored responses that help Businessolver win more RFPs.

"We always get great feedback on how client specific our RFPs are."
Erica Yanecek | RFP Technical Writer | Businessolver
Download the full version of this case study to learn more about Businessolver’s success with Loopio. 

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